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I am creating contemporary modern abstract art fueled by emotion and passion.



Featured collection

My Art. My Journey.

After being diagnosed with PTSD I found myself pouring my emotions and passion for new life into my art, and what has come out is thought-provoking visual stories of healing and understanding of my journey. My art has given me a voice to which there are no words, merely energy. Each of my paintings holds a story, whether created through passion, lust, anger, fear or happiness. These are some of the collections that have come from my journey.

  • "Happy"

    This piece is a reflection of the first time I felt true happiness. I use my art as a way to express emotions I can't describe with words. A lot of my early work reflected pain and anger and confusion. But hard work with my therapist led me to find happiness, he asked me to paint that feeling and this is what poured out of me.

I have found myself ready to share my story and want to help spread awareness about surviving and growing with my creative journey.

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